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Industrial Development in the DRC


Sustainable development initiatives are integrated into our business activities and are carefully planned through the involvement of relevant government regulators, civil society groups, and other stakeholders.

Our parent company, ARISE IIP, adopts the philosophy of  ‘growing with society’, through sharing benefits in a transparent and mutually beneficial manner.

Our sustainability initiatives are aligned with United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, and we are determined to create a higher standard of living for all people, generate benefits and opportunities within local communities, and provide technical and vocational training to enhance local capacity.

Our Top Four Sustainability Objectives

Top Four Sustainability Related Objectives of CIP


Carbon neutrality

Elimination of intensive carbon energy sources through targeted initiatives


Circular economy

Reduction in wastage of resources with careful integration of circular economy principles into business strategy and operations. In the key timber processing sector, Kin-Malebo SEZ intends to host MDF/particle boards factories, which will source their raw materials from the waste of existing core timber processing industries.


Diversity and inclusion

Increasing diversity across all levels of the organization to enhance a culture of belonging that inspires our teams to deliver shared goals.


Responsible supply chain management

Identifying supply chain risks and taking proactive measures to implement sustainable procurement and to boost stakeholder engagement.

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