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Congo Industrial Platforms

Frequently Asked Questions

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Where is the DR Congo located?

The DRC is in Central Africa .

What are the natural resources in the DR Congo?

The DRC has astonishing natural resources: it is Africa’s largest copper producer, accounts for the world’s biggest reserves of cobalt, and has considerable reserves in diamond, lithium, gold, tin ore, oil, and is Africa’s largest forest cover. 

Congo Industrial Development (CIP)

What is Kin-Malebo SEZ?

A joint venture between the DRC government and Arise IIP, that is charged of building and operating world-class industrial zones in the DRC. 

Where is the SEZ located?

40km away from Kinshasa city-center and 20 km from the main international airport.

What are the unique and competitive advantages offered at the SEZ?

CIP Kin-Malebo offers unique administrative, policies, logistics, market, and cost advantages. 

Raw Material Supply

Is developer of the zone engaged in raw material supply for the SEZ?

Yes, raw material supply for timber is arranged and made available for manufacturing units. 

Policy Incentives

What policy incentives are provided in the SEZ?

Fiscal incentives, import duties exemptions and taxes exemptions.


Is developer of the zone responsible for constructing industrial factories?

Clients are to construct factories as per their requirements and regulations of the zone. However, CIP can assist and facilitate with construction and other set-up requirements .


How is labour availability?

Kin-Malebo SEZ is located within the capital city of Kinshasa which has a population of 20 million people. This ensures the direct availability of both skilled and unskilled labour force for investors.


What are waste management practices applied to in the SEZ?

A sustainability charter is shared with companies, which they will be required to follow.


What security measures are implemented in the SEZ?

ARISE IIP is dedicated to safeguarding individuals, the environment, assets, and reputation against criminal activities and undesirable incidents through a risk-based security and resilience management system. Our approach incorporates stringent protocols and tailored technological solutions, such as an external perimeter fence, access controls, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and a rapid response team. ARISE IIP holds its Private Security Service Providers responsible for adhering to the utmost standards of compliance with international best practices concerning Security and Human Rights.

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